About us

Humanitarian action has rarely been more essential than today: The number of people in need worldwide is rising year by year. Never have more people been on the run. Effective humanitarian assistance can mean the difference between life and death for millions of men, women and children. At the same time humanitarian action, actors, and the humanitarian principles are under attack and at risk of being undermined or underfunded. The first German humanitarian think tank, the Centre for Humanitarian Action (CHA) will deal with these challenges: It will engage in independent analysis of humanitarian affairs, initiate profound debates and raise awareness for humanitarian action in the general public. 

Humanity overboard

How the rescue at sea in the Mediterranean was criminalised step by step – this stands for a Shrinking Humanitarian Space also in Europe. A guest contribution by David Starke, General Director of SOS MEDITERRANEE Germany.

CHA Projects 2019-2021

CHA has published its work programme for 2019-2021. Three projects are to be realised. Thematically, the focus is on the policy and strategy capability of German humanitarian actors, the Triple Nexus and the Shrinking Humanitarian Space in the Global South and in Europe.