Against all principles – “welt-sichten”-interview

28. February 2019

The crisis in Venezuela is a prime example of how humanitarian action should not be provided and can even have dangerous impacts. The US approach violates the humanitarian principles and undermines the work of aid organisations, criticises CHA Director Ralf Südhoff in an interview with “welt-sichten” magazine.

Humanitarian helpers, conflicts of objectives and dilemmas – RBB radio interview

17. February 2019

Humanitarian aid workers face a number of dilemmas, especially when they want to provide aid in crises and war zones. How do they uphold the principle of impartiality when they have to cooperate with conflict parties? How do they remain neutral? And what does it mean to be independent when state donors finance their aid? CHA Director Ralf Südhoff raises questions that humanitarian aid workers and the CHA deal with.

“We can address issues that aid organisations shy away from” – interview on founding the CHA

23. January 2019

What can the CHA do that others can’t? Why is its independence so important? Why is it wrong to claim that aid always reaches the target group? And why are German humanitarian actors internationally still frequently perceived as newcomers? Director Ralf Südhoff answers those questions in an interview with Greenpeace Magazine.

Inaugural visit to the Federal Foreign Office

9. January 2019

On Wednesday, 9 January 2019, CHA founding director Ralf Südhoff and colleagues visited the Federal Foreign Office and met the head of the Division for Humanitarian Assistance / Operations and her team. The aim of the meeting was to present the CHA and to sound out future cooperations and possible joint events. The current challenges of humanitarian aid and the new report “State of the Humanitarian System” (SOHS) were also discussed.